Hey everyone, It’s Jim here and welcome to my first blog post on my Sports and Fitness blog.  

As I mentioned in my welcome blog post, I’m a BodyBuilder and have been into BodyBuilding for the past 10 years.  There’s been a lot of progress recently about the best methods to improve in BodyBuilding and I wanted to share some of these with you today.  

  1. Work out each muscle group several times in one week.

    Rather than the traditional method of hitting each muscle group on different days, it’s recently been proven that you can gain muscles faster and more efficiently by working out each muscle group 3 or 4 times a week. If like me you work out everyday the best way to do this is to combine Arm and Leg day together, and Back and Chest together.  For Ab and core workouts I like to do these daily, as I don’t hit them as hard everyday.


  2. Don’t rep until failure.

    Previously It was always suggested that you continue every set until failure, and that the muscle growth zone is between 8-12 reps.  What actually works better is to mix up each rep.  One time go for a low amount of reps (1-5), next go for the standard amount (6 – 14) and occasionally hit it up for a high amount of reps (15 +) this will challenge your muscles better and mean that you can pack on some serious muscle quicker.  We also recommend that you should be able to lift one more time before you quit.  Leaving this one rep means that you will still build up muscle without over training and tearing or damaging your muscles.  


  3. Cardio is your friend.

    Make sure that you fit Cardio in whenever you can.  IT doesn’t matter whether you’re doing Cardio on an empty or full stomach you’ll still burn an equal amount of fat and calories.